Welcome to Triavalon. Here, we see a single continent, home to the Cihndar, Laborien, and Du’var.

Map of the Cihndara, Laboria, and the Wildlands in Triavalon

In the North East, we have Cihndara. The Cihndar are most known for their great, sprawling cities filled with breathtaking architecture.

Much of their history has been lost, as their early civilization was destroyed by some mysterious cataclysm.

A map of the nation Cihndara

West of Cihndara is a long, narrow country called Laboria. The Laborien people are lovers of nature, and prefer to live in small hamlets high up in the mountains where the temperature is just right. During the day, they are either hunting, fishing, or hard at work at some kind of craft. At night, they are gathered together about a camp fire.

The nation of Laboria

And finally, we have the Wildlands; home of the Du’var. The Wildlands are dry, hot, and rugged. The people who live there are giants; on average, double the height of a Cihndar.

The word “Du’var” is actually Cihndaren in origin, meaning “Big Thorn.” No one knows where they came from. What is known, however, is that they are simple minded, loud, and very menacing.