Welcome to Tales of Triavalon!

Here, you can find free short stories published on a monthly basis. Some will be scary, some whimsical, but all will be fun! So check out the stories below.
*Update: Tales of Triavalon will unfortunately need to be temporarily suspended. It will resume as soon as circumstances allow.

Tale #1

The Dull Blade: This clan of Blades is starving, morale is crumbling, and they’re about to start killing each other. Weeks pass as they try to hunt for food while evading those pesky Cihndaren patrols. As luck would have it, they spot a pair of buffalo grazing in the grasslands beneath the Xalea mountains. There is only one thing standing in the way of a delicious, desperately needed meal: a snot-nose punk of a Blade with alpha male syndrome. Will the clan finally get to eat, or will he ruin it for them? Find out!

Tale #2

The Sleeping Forest: This land is declared off-limits by the Cihndaren Governing Council, and for good reason. It is a place known to be the domain of a witch, and contains untold danger. But for two desperate merchants, Jovan and Aidan, what’s important is that it’s also said to be the resting place of untold riches. Unable to resist the allure of a life of wealth, they risk everything to sneak past the guard and look inside. They find more than they are looking for. Check it out!

Tale #3

Those That Spoil: High Wizard Alexadion is faced with a horrible decision. An entire race of powerful but mad beings threatened the future of the whole of the world. No meaningful defense can be mounted against them. If that is to be remedied, Alexadion must learn more about them. But with investigation comes risk of discovery, and discovery would result in a devastating onslaught. He must, therefore, risk the world in order to save it. Read it here!