I am very excited to announce the first of the Scourge of Triavalon novels: The Broken Seal!

This is the first novel of what will be a very large series, and will tell the origin of one of the most important characters in this universe: Jerron. It will tell what shapes him into the hero he will become. No release date can be set at this time.

The end of the world. The loss of his soul.

Growing up in the small rural community of Nvi, there’s one thing that fifteen-year-old Jerron excels at: survival training. His abilities are extraordinary to the point of disbelief. Many believe he has a bright future in a defense guild, which watches the borders of his country, Laboria. But he doesn’t want that. He wants a simple life in a simple village, desiring familiarity over adventure.

Then, the mysterious reason behind his talents surfaces. He has an exceptional ability to infuse his body with magical energies, making him stronger, faster, and smarter than any of his peers. High Wizard Alexadion from Cihndara, as well as Vel’drea, Keeper of Laboria, realize that in time, Jerron could become the greatest hero the world has ever known. They vow to protect him and grow his abilities.

But they aren’t the only interested party. The spirit of a powerful dragon, Tormad, wants to make Jerron his general so that he can claim the world for himself. Tormad will send monsters, and eventually re-enter the world himself from the void, all to claim this boy for his own.

Forced by the hand of fate to abandon his plans of a simple life, Jerron must grow up quickly to survive the coming onslaught. He learns that not everyone is who they claim to be and the consequences of bad decisions. But he also finds his inner strength to do what has to be done.

He knows that in the end, a dragon who’s power is unfathomable, will reach across the void and try to take him. If Tormad succeeds, everything that Jerron holds dear will be brought to a fiery end.

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