In the dark corners of Triavalon, the most deadly beings lie in wait. There, in the shadows, they plot the destruction of the other Majors in hopes of world domination.

King of Tyria Subservient to a Major

While the origins of the Majors vary, most are physically manifested spirit beings which have been altered by acts of sorcery. While their forms have evolved, they tend to date back to the beginning of time.

These beings are actively engaging one another. They constantly test each other’s defenses, looking for a way to destroy their competition without weakening themselves. This struggle creates the balance that prevents the destruction of the free peoples.

That balance, however, will not last forever. Sooner or later, one of the Majors will emerge victorious. Depending on which one, that will mean either cruel enslavement or annihilation. At present, the free peoples have no means of defense against these awesome beings.

What’s worse, preparing themselves to defend against the Majors may cause the free peoples to be seen as a threat. That would bring wrath sooner than later. Survival of civilization will thus depend on walking a very tight wire…

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