To me, fantasy is not only a lot of fun, but is also a great way to talk about important real life issues. The reader may agree, or may not agree, and that’s fine. But hopefully they will understand the message either way, and perhaps it will at the least provoke thought.


The American Heritage Dictionary defines that word as “a source of widespread dreadful affliction and devastation such as that caused by pestilence or war.”

“Scourge” didn’t always describe Triavalon. Once upon a time, it was an Edenic world, filled with wonder. The people as well as the majestic landscapes were magical. Not a soul had any concept of what evil or suffering was.

But that innocence was lost.

The magic once used to enrich the world was perverted into a means of to waging war and creating monsters. Evil continued to intensify until Triavalon itself was set ablaze.

Many ages later, that war continued to rage in the shadows as “young races” emerged: those not descended from the peoples who came before. Few of them suspected the terrible truth of the world they’d been born into. Beings of horrific evil, more advanced in the use of magic by millennia, threatened to snuff them out.

Those few who understood that darkness awaited found themselves in a battle against reality itself. They raced to uncover the horrific truth of Triavalon’s history in hopes of saving their kind from extinction.

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